Period Boxers

Why Choose Our Boxer Style Period Pants?

Your days and nights are covered with our period boxer shorts. Find a super soft set that keeps you feeling free and fresh throughout your cycle here!

We know all about staying comfortable on days that make that a little bit more difficult. Our period boxers are here to help when those days come around, with their ultra-absorbent, moisture-wicking layers. These will hold between four and five tampons’ worth of menstrual flow and keep you feeling dry through the day. 

You can even wear these shorts straight to bed and wake up feeling just as fresh as you did when you went to sleep! All you’ll need to do is change into a new pair when you get dressed and throw the old pair in the wash before you head off to start your schedule.

Think of how many menstrual products you’ll save from the landfill by picking out your perfect pairs of reusable boxer shorts to wear overnight as well as during the day? Not only will you feel soft and secure in your undies, you’ll also be staying eco-friendly!

Have a look at the designs we’ve got for sale and find those comfy, cosy sets that’ll keep you secure in yourself during the day, while helping to save the planet.