Boyshort Period Pants

Why Choose Our Boyshort Period Pants?

Our boy shorts are just right for keeping you comfy and staying leak and stain-free on your period. Take a look and find your perfect fit!

When you pick out your panties from this collection, you’re guaranteed a super soft, totally absorbent set of underwear that’ll keep you comfy no matter your flow. You won’t even need to worry about feeling clean and dry throughout the day when you put them on ‒ the in-built moisture wicking layer will leave you feeling fresh for hours!

Imagine having this feeling every period, instead of stocking up on menstrual products that can shift around uncomfortably or easily accidentally be misaligned. You won’t ever accidentally wear our shorts incorrectly! They’ll also hold several tampons’ worth with each wear, so you’ll even be saving yourself money that would’ve gone on something you were just going to throw away.

The best part of it all is our shorts are so simple to take care of and get clean when you’re done wearing them for the month. Just bung them straight in the wash and hang them up to dry like any other set of undies you own!

Have a look at our boyshort period pants and find the ones that you know will give you the comfort and support you need.