High Waisted Period Underwear

Why Choose Our High Waist Period Pants?

Like that little bit of extra security on your period? Our high waist period undies are just right for keeping you feeling snug and safe on the days you need it most.

Whether you’re on a light flow or a heavy flow, we have the panties to offer you the support you need for all of your cycle. Their tummy-hugging design is even perfect for keeping you comfortable when you’re feeling bloated, so you can keep to your routine without the worry of extra aches and pains that you just don’t need or want.

With a leak-proof design and super-absorbent layer with added moisture wicking features, you’re also guaranteed to stay feeling clean and dry. 

These versatile knickers can even help with a range of other issues that may be giving you some anxiety in your day-to-day life. Whether you’ve recently had a baby and have been experiencing postpartum bleeding, or even if you often need something to help with incontinence, our undies will be ready and waiting for you.

Find your perfect support and feel clean and confident throughout your day with a set of high waisted period underwear. Take a look at the sets we have and pick out your ideal undies today!