Period Pyjama Shorts

Why Choose Our Sleep Short Period Pants?

Never worry about leaks in the night or stains on your sheets again with our super-absorbent sleep shorts!

We’ve all had that frustration at one point or another: going to bed on our periods, leaking in our sleep, and waking up to unwelcome stains on our sheets. But with these night time period pants, you’ll never have to think about this happening again!

Our super soft, sleep short style undies are designed to hold up to five tampons’ worth of menstrual flow without leaking. This means you can wear them comfortably all night without worrying about what you’ll find in the morning. The clever moisture wicking layer built into each pair should also leave you feeling as fresh and dry as when you went to bed!

The last thing sleeping should ever do is cause you stress or discomfort, so we’ve done everything we can to keep your sleep shorts as comfy to wear as possible. Just slip them on under your favourite oversized shirt or pair of pyjamas and you’ll be ready for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Take a look at our period pyjama shorts and rest easy all night long.