"Every single one of us can make a small difference alone. And together, we're even more powerful, we can make huge change. "

Paige Fashoni, Founder

Making Change

At FLUX Undies, we're on a mission to change the world of period care - that includes fighting period poverty and improving access to proper menstrual care. When you buy from us, we give back to people in need, so you can purchase with purpose.

Starting Conversations

Changing the world of period care means tackling the stigma that still surrounds periods. We're committed to encouraging open honest conversations and a safe comfortable space for people to talk and learn about the things no one is talking about.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty means not having access to menstrual care products that allow you to properly and comfortably manage your cycle.

For many people across the globe, this can mean using things like toilet paper, newspaper, or old fabrics. In turn, the lack of menstrual care products and the shame and embarrassment that is often associated with their periods often causes people to stop doing important things, such as attending school or work.

Period poverty is a global issue and affects people in many different ways. We think it's time it comes to an end.

What is period stigma?

Period stigma is when someone feels shame or embarrassment around the idea of periods, having a period or even talking about periods. These stigmas and taboos have conditioned us to believe that menstruation is something that is dirty and should not be discussed.

At FLUX Undies we're all about busting taboos and encouraging open and honest conversations that allow people to learn and grow. We want young people to feel prepared when expecting their first period and not to feel any shame or embarrassment when discussing it.

We aim to provide a safe comfortable community and space for people to learn and discuss, and we partner with great teams that run educational programs in schools, colleges and youth facilities to open these conversations up with the next generations.

Some of our most recent donations have included...


Mermaids supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people until their 20th birthday, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care. We recently donated a mix of our reusable cloth pads and period pants.

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Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS)

IDAS is the largest specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting anyone experiencing or affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence. We recently donated a mix of our reusable cloth pads and period pants for those in need of these essential items.

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World Wide Fund For Nature

We donated 5% of all sales from our Earth Day sale to the WWF charity. This money helped to fund the crisises caused by the wildfires in the Amazon and Australia and the people and animals affected most.

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Friends of Sick Children

Friends of sick children is a UK registered charity that work with sick children in Malawi. This year, we donated a mix of our reusable cloth pads and period pants to be sent to those in need in Malawi.

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Freedom 4 Girls

Freedom 4 Girls are a UK based charity that work with girls in the UK and worldwide. This year we donated reusable pads and period pants that are distributed where they are needed most.

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School & College Initiatives

We work with a number of schools and colleges on initiatives that allow us to distribute our reusable pads and period pants. Donated goods are distributed through different schools in a number of ways including on trips abroad to third world countries (as seen above), donated in the UK to those on a low income and for workshops in the UK.

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There Is Hope Malawi

There Is Hope Malawi work with refugees in Malawi and host multiple workshops to enable poorer communities to become self-reliant. This year we donated period pants which were distributed to women refugees in need.

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Don't want to buy a pair? Give a pair instead.

Every time you buy a product from us we give back to people in need, either through giving back a percentage of sales or donating reusable period pads and period pants .

Don't want to buy any of our products but still want to help people in need?

Our give a pair scheme allows you to donate money which funds the cost of making reusable period pads and period pants to give to girls in need - worldwide.