We bleed. We sweat. 

We shouldn't let anything hold us back.

That's why we reinvented underwear. 

So you feel fearless, every day.

Founded by women. 

For everyone.

we knew there had 

to be a better way.

after years of spending every month scared 

of embarrassing leaks, and dealing with 

uncomfortable disposables, FLUX founder

Paige Fashoni knew there had to be 

another alternative to simply 'putting up'.

so we made it

Paige hit the drawing board, and after endless 

research and testing, FLUX was born in 2017. 

three-layer dreamy fabric combo that wicks 

moisture, absorbs fluid, and prevents leaks. 

All built-in to a super soft pair of underwear. 

Five styles. Two colours. Seven sizes. 

no more leaks

We're no back up. You can wear FLUX alone, 

and #bleedfree. One super absorbent panel, 

paired with our superior leak proof backing, 

means you can get on with your day, 

comfortably and confidently. 

change anywhere

We're the first to introduce line of detachable 

period undies that allow for easy changing in 

even the most difficult situations. Long flight, 

on the go, mobility problems? We've got you 


designed & made in the UK

We don't exploit women in one country to 

empower them in another. Our undies are 

made with love by family run manufacturer 

with over 50 years experience, right here in the UK. 

real women, real life

We created FLUX for every shape and size. 

For every curve, scar, freckle, and stretch 

mark. We love the skin you're in. That's 

why you'll always see real women in our 



Each pair of FLUX bought by you, funds the 

production of a reusable washable pad, for her.

Periods shouldn't be a barrier for anyone. 



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