Periods 101

Periods. Sex. Fluids.

But also mental health, self-care, & empowerment.

Periods. Sex. Women's health

But also mental health, self-care, empowerment, environment & culture

What Does The Colour Of Your Period Say About Your Health?
To help you figure out what your period colour means, here’s a break down on the most common period colours and what they might mean about your health. Here at FLUX Undies, we’ve always got you covered.

Stress And Periods
Worrying that your period hasn't come yet? Wondering why you feel so stressed on your period? We answer all your questions about stress and periods, and how you can bring down your stress levels to experience a better period.

Is My Period Normal?
Are you a heavy bleeder? Wondering why your period is painful? Are you spotting? Look no further - we answer all the Q's you've been wondering about your P!