But, how does it work?

(it's the question everyone's asking)

swap your disposable pads and tampons for our period-proof undies and #bleedfree 

reusable. comfy. sustainable. 

they look and feel just like regular undies, but they work like *magic*

swap your pads and tampons for our period-proof undies and #bleedfree 


they look and feel like regular undies, but work like *magic*

the secret's in our built in tech

our undies are made with our unique built-in four layer tech that keeps you protected day and nightthrough even the heaviest flows.

How will the undies work for me?

period protection

coverage for leaks and stains during your period


coverage from spotting


daily coverage for postpartum bleeding


coverage for regular discharge


quick-dry action for sweating


coverage for incontinence leaks

Holds 4 tampons' worth eeeasily

You can wear FLUX Undies all day or all night. 

Our unique absorbent panel holds up to 4 tampons worth or 20-25ml of blood, making it the most absorbent option on the market today!

Is it hygienic to wear them all day? 

We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is yes! Our undies contains unique antimicrobial properties which naturally occur due to the construction of the fibres, and there are no added coatings of any type ,so your skin is safe. 

 But... will they smell? 

Nope! The antimicrobial properties prevent bacteria building up and keep smells far away! 

 What are they made from? 

Main body Micro Modal, which is super eco and made from the beech tree

Built-in tech Absorbent fibre blend and breathable PUL 

All our fabrics are OEKO Tex which means they are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for your skin. 

 Where are they manufactured? 

Our undies are designed by a family run factory in Southern China. We visit our factories very regularly and make sure the workers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions! Find out more information on our ethical manufacturing here.

so....what you waiting for?

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