Light absorbency

holds 2 tampons' worth

Need something for your lighter days? 

Say hello to our new Boyshort in a light absorbency - great for light flows, pesky leaks, and those 'oops' moments.

Boyshort is made using soft, luxurious, and eco-friendly modal elastane fabric and features our classic soft and stretchy logo waistband.

With a super thin gusset, they feel like normal underwear but keep you fresh and dry all day on your lighter days.

  • Wear for up to 8 hours on light days
  • Holds 10-15ml, or two tampons' worth
  • For periods, leaks & incontinence 
  • Great for day and night.
  • Sustainable and OEKO-Tex certified fabrics

Boyshort - Light Absorbency
Boyshort - Light AbsorbencyBoyshort - Light Absorbency

Absorbency guide  

Light = 2 regular tampons' worth 

Full = 4 regular tampons' worth


Outer and Inner: 95% Modal 5% Elastane, Trim: 100% Polyester, Gusset: Absorbent blend, Breathable PUL



Give 'em a quick rinse 🚿


Chuck 'em in the machine on a 30-40 degree wash with the rest of your laundry 👌🏽


Hang to dry outside, inside, or on a radiator! ✌🏿

PS: Don't use bleach or fabric softener ⚠️


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Flow: Moderate
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons
So comfortable

I brought these light absorbency boy shorts for my lighter days.
I have 2 days of moderate/heavy flow, and then 3 days of light, where I would normally switch to pads/liners.
I have worn them and they are perfect; very comfortable and just look and feel like normal pants, actually I think they are better. No digging in. I brought my actual size.
Now I know how good they are, I will be buying some more for my first couple of days of my period.
These are worth every penny.

Flow: Heavy
Products used: Menstrual cup
Comfy and cute

I use a Nixit cup which has changed my life but just for security I like to wear a liner but I find them irritable to my skin. These pants are so comfy, don’t feel thick at all, you wouldn’t know they are period pants! They also look so cute and I feel really good in them.

Flow: Moderate
Products used: Disposable pads
Awful experience

I was sent an item that didn’t meet the description and filled in a return request on the day I received them but have heard nothing and no one will reply to my emails.

Flow: Light
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!
So for the menopausal, slightly leaky woman...

It's very hard to find a nice set of incontinence knickers, especially when being incontinent is something you only half admit to yourselves. Intermittently leaky. I ended up decided to give Flux a go because I couldn't find anything under the incontinence heading that I could bear to be wearing. I'm very much enjoying my boy shorts. They do the job. They boost my confidence. The make my days easier. I feel good in them. I can't answer these flow questions below, because they aren't for me. But apparently I have to to submit the review so I've gone for light which is a close to leaky as dammit. Someone, please change the questions!

Flow: Heavy, Moderate
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons, Disposable pads
Love these!

I'm definitely buying more of these. They are super comfy and absorb really well. Highly recommend


blood. sweat. whatever.

our unique undies hold up to 4 pads/tampons' worth keeping you covered day and night, heavy or light.

and they're washable & reusable so you save money whilst savin' the planet. it's a win win

What do real people think of our undies?

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