Seam Free Period Underwear

Why Choose Our Seamless Period Underwear?

Our seamless period panties are just perfect for any light flow, all while staying as discreet as you need! 

We all know the feeling of heading out on your period but worrying the whole time about how bulky or noticeable your menstrual products are underneath your clothes. What if you could get a pair or two of knickers that you knew you could easily slip on under any set of clothes you’d like? It’s exactly what you’ll get with these fabulous period pants!

Wear any of your favourite dresses, leggings, or skinny jeans without any trouble at all with pairs from this collection. You won’t even notice them once they’re on, which means nobody else will, either!

If you’re just on the start or finish of your period, or if you’re on one of your lighter cycles, our undies will be ideal. Holding between half and two tampons’ worth of flow, you’ll find yourself leak-free and covered for spotting for up to eight hours. You’ll be free to go about your day just as you’ve planned, in any outfit you choose!

Check out our seamless period underwear collection and get yourself something you know will suit you nicely, without showing up in the slightest.