FLUX Hi-Waist

holds 4 tampons' worth

Say hi to our hi-waist! 

This baby is guaranteed to give you the most coverage, perfect for those 'blah' days when you need the most protection and support.

If you're all about comfort, Hi Waist is perfect for you.

Say hi to our hi-waist! 

This baby is guaranteed to give you the most coverage, perfect for those 'blah' days when you need the most protection and support. Holds up to 4 tampons' worth, so you can wear them alone and be protected, no matter what your flow.

If you're all about comfort, Hi-Waist is perfect for you.

  • Wear for up to 12 hours
  • Holds 20-25ml, or four tampons' worth 
  • For periods, leaks & incontinence
  • Great for day & night.
  • Sustainable and OEKO-Tex fabrics

Hi-Waist - Heavy AbsorbencyHi-Waist - Heavy Absorbency


Holds 4 tampons' worth


Interior: 50% Modal 50% Organic Cotton, Exterior: 82% Nylon 18% Lycra, Trim: 100% Polyester

Due to the high demand - Sizes Medium & Large are currently out of stock & are due back in within 2 weeks.



Give 'em a quick rinse 🚿


Chuck 'em in a mesh laundry bag before popping them into the machine on a cold wash 👌🏽


Hang to dry outside or inside! ✌🏿

PS: Don't use bleach or fabric softener ⚠️

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Flow: Super Heavy
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!
A Godsend ....Shark Week is now safer (for others) and not a horror fest (for me)

Okay, two months in time to tell all. I'm not going to use euphemisms here I'll talk as plainly as I do to my boys. I started periods at 11yrs (80s) and before my older sister and no I hadn't had the talk - so yes I honestly thought I was dying. I could only afford the bulky long oval pads (wearing these was like walking with a submarine roll between your legs) with my pocket money - really horrid. I was going to change to tampons when I was 14, but then a class friend died of toxic shock from one and I just couldn't.

When I was 21 I went from normal to heavy and had to start double padding. I worked out that I've been paying about £60 per year on pads alone and it is stressful worrying about if I need to change when out - I could go though a whole pack of pads in a day. For the last 5 years I've been using the night time pads for day as well as night; now I'm in my 40s with no let up I wanted some relief, then I heard about these and took the plunge.

I tested them at home first:
a whole day ONE pair of knickers - OMG this was amazing - no leaks no stress no irritation from pads and crucially no instant crime scene in the bathroom.
a whole night - this was scary so I popped a towel and an extra sheet on the bed just in case - but again PASSED - no leaks.
Then the big one:
a day out - this was the scariest decision and though my bag was grateful for the lack of extra stuff I usually have to haul about with me; the first time I was very
nervous. I needn't have it went very well a full 8am-7pm trip and no leaks.

The knickers themselves are stylish and comfy, which is crucial and feel secure. Hubby didn't even realise they were the flux undies :) and this was a nice touch as it made me feel pretty when normally I feel just gross on what we call "Shark Week" - uteruses and Shark brains are exactly the same shape - explains a lot.

I'm a convert as they are easy to use and wash and I'm calmer, feel better on waking and I'm not stressed.

Flow: Moderate
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons

Functionally great but way beyond high waisted! I'm a UK size 10 and got a medium and they're rib cage height which isn't the most comfortable

Flow: Heavy
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons, Disposable pads
Upgrade your period? More like revolutionise it!

Sooooo, I had been thinking about ways to make my period more sustainable for a while but was being too lazy to act on it. I walked into Holland and Barrett one day with the intention of looking at their moon cups but my eye was drawn to.... 'what?! Period proof underwear!? That's somebodies idea of a joke! Something like that wouldn't work', I mused sceptically. I took a picture of the box anyway with the intention of reading into the reviews. I always check reviews everywhere BUT the official website... for obvious reasons. I expected a lot of mixed reviews.. ..but they were largely positive! 'Interesting...' I thought. But I didn't buy a test pair until I had researched the other sustainable underwear available, and I have to say, as far as reviews go this was one of the best.

Anyway, my experience of the test pair was interesting. My first two days are usually fairly heavy so I was excited to try the high absorbency out. The box says it can be worn for up to 12 hours. I excitedly put them on just before I went to bed at 1am and woke up to dry sheets. I couldnt really tell exactly how much i bled because the underwear is all black but OH MY DAYS WAS I DRY! I loved not feeling damp down there. I wore them the whole day in the house and the 14 hours I wore them for totally kicked that 12 hours butt. No leakage, no smell, no dampness, no NOTHING! In fact almost no period until you have to rinse them out at the end of the day and you realose 'oh yeah I was menstruating. I forgot about that!' They say you'll know when you have to change. At the end of the 14 hours I knew only because a tiny bit of concealed blood had risen to the inside surface and had been there a couple of hours before I changed (I wanted to see how far I could push the 12 hour mark). But the outside was fine. Because the material is breathable, after 14 hours you can imagine that there would be a slight dampness but nothing major and no leaks. I'm a very happy customer ready to entirely convert!

Flow: Heavy
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons, Cloth pads
Super comfy, reliable alternative!

As somebody who has heavy periods several days a month, I find these pants to be a reliable comfort. I love big pants so I find them quite attractive.

Flow: Heavy
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Disposable pads
Very pretty, but the panels are flimsy

I really love using period pants for various reasons, and have some of classic boy short style ones which I love. However, as pretty as these are, the sheer material must have had a small hole in it (I'm guessing) as as soon as I put them on for the first time, a run formed and created a ladder of holes on one side. Very disappointing as they are very pretty for their purpose.

FLUX Undies are your complete replacement for pads and tampons and can be worn alone for up to 12 hours.

Our unique built-in tech is moisture wicking, absorbent, and leak-proof, keeping you covered day 'n' night. 

Bikini offers full coverage with no bulk, and the soft lace waistband keeps you comfy in style. 

- Wear all night, or for up to 12 hours during the day 

- Holds 20-25ml, more than any other product out there- Our customers use FLUX for periods, leaks, post-partum, and incontinence! 

- Wear them to school, work, exercise, or simply just to feel comfortable on lazy days. 

 Find out more on how our undies work.

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