FLUX Hi-Waist

holds 4 tampons' worth

Say hi to our hi-waist! 

This baby is guaranteed to give you the most coverage, perfect for those 'blah' days when you need the most protection and support.

If you're all about comfort, Hi Waist is perfect for you.

Say hi to our hi-waist! 

This baby is guaranteed to give you the most coverage, perfect for those 'blah' days when you need the most protection and support. Holds up to 4 tampons' worth, so you can wear them alone and be protected, no matter what your flow.

If you're all about comfort, Hi-Waist is perfect for you.

  • Wear for up to 12 hours
  • Holds 20-25ml, or four tampons' worth 
  • For periods, leaks & incontinence
  • Great for day & night.
  • Sustainable and OEKO-Tex fabrics

Hi-Waist - Heavy AbsorbencyHi-Waist - Heavy Absorbency


Holds 4 tampons' worth


Interior: 50% Modal 50% Organic Cotton, Exterior: 82% Nylon 18% Lycra, Trim: 100% Polyester

Due to the high demand - Sizes Medium & Large are currently out of stock & are due back in within 2 weeks.



Give 'em a quick rinse 🚿


Chuck 'em in a mesh laundry bag before popping them into the machine on a cold wash 👌🏽


Hang to dry outside or inside! ✌🏿

PS: Don't use bleach or fabric softener ⚠️

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Flow: Super Heavy
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons, Disposable pads
Great product

I have been using Flux for three periods now and have gradually reduced the amount of tampons and pads that I am buying. It takes a while to get used to the flow / gush feeling without the normal wave of panic about leaking everywhere. I would say build up your trust slowly and if you feel you need extra protection of a tampon than go with it. But these pants do a great job.

Flow: Light
Products used: Tampons, Disposable pads, Cloth pads
Just ok...

I was excited to use my new Flux panties this weekend and found some pros and cons...
Pro- fits true to size, comfy high waist.
Con- the pad isnt long enough in the front and leakage overflows through the panties. Also wish the material was more breathable and eco friendly.

Flow: Moderate
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!
Far better than I thought

Very comfortable, no leaks, no smell and better for the environment. What more could you want!

Flow: Heavy, Moderate
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Cloth pads, Menstrual cup

I'm really pleased with these!! I've used the moon cup for about 3 or 4 years now, and have found on the first few days of my period where I usually have more pain I just don't want to wear the moon cup, and these pants are a great alternative for those days! Really comfy, a bit on the small side for me, I'm a size 8 in everything usually, including underwear, so that's what I ordered, but wish I'd have ordered a size bigger now, but they're still comfortable and work well so I am still happy! I wore them on the heaviest days of my period and no issues! Thank you so much for creating these!

FLUX Undies are your complete replacement for pads and tampons and can be worn alone for up to 12 hours.

Our unique built-in tech is moisture wicking, absorbent, and leak-proof, keeping you covered day 'n' night. 

Bikini offers full coverage with no bulk, and the soft lace waistband keeps you comfy in style. 

- Wear all night, or for up to 12 hours during the day 

- Holds 20-25ml, more than any other product out there- Our customers use FLUX for periods, leaks, post-partum, and incontinence! 

- Wear them to school, work, exercise, or simply just to feel comfortable on lazy days. 

 Find out more on how our undies work.

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